Batch Enroll Users in BlackBoard


Creating the User Information File
Uploading the User Information File to Enroll the Users

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Course instructors and organization leaders can enroll users in Blackboard courses. Users can be enrolled one at a time following the instructions outlined in the Managing Course Users Knowledge Base post. If there are a number of users to enroll in a course or organization, the batch enrollment process may be easier.
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Creating the User Information File

If you do need to batch enroll users in your course, you need to create a text or CSV (comma separated value) file with the correct user information configured in the correct format to facilitate the process in Blackboard.

If you prefer to work in Microsoft Excel, you can create a file that accommodates the fields you need to include for the batch process but MUST save the file as a CSV. You can also use any text editor (Notepad on a Windows PC for example) to create the batch file.

The required fields for the batch format are as follows, in this order:

Username,Last Name,First Name,Email,Password,Course Role

NOTE: There are no spaces between the commas.

Blackboard will insist that the username, last name, first name and course role fields be populated in either Excel’s CSV file or the text file you are creating. The email and password fields can be blank.

The most important piece of information you need to have for this process is the student’s username for Blackboard. At Pitt that is the first part of the Pitt e-mail address. So, if a student has an e-mail address of, the username for that student would be jjj123. A list of usernames will allow you to complete this process regardless of whether you know the student’s first name, last name or any other information.

Therefore, you can have an Excel CSV file that looks like this:


An important note, the file above would be perfectly acceptable to use as long as the username in column A is valid. Blackboard would look at this file and if there is an account on the system with a username of “stuid01,” it would add that user to the course and ignore the information in columns B through E and use the “S” in column F to make the user a student in the course (or a participant in an organization).

While you can leave columns D and E empty as in the example above, there needs to be at least some placeholder content in the first name and last name fields (columns B and C above) or Blackboard will reject the file as invalid.

In a text editor, this same information would look like this:


In the screen shot above, the commas at the end of the rows denote the empty fields for the email and password fields.
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Uploading the User Information File to Enroll the Users

Once you have created the file in the correct format, you simply need to navigate to the correct location in Blackboard to upload it and batch enroll the users in the course or organization.

First, go to the Control Panel in your course and click the “Users and Groups > Users” link:


On the resulting page, click the button to the far right to get to the batch enroll page:


On the batch enroll page, you will need to click the “browse” button and locate the CSV or text file you created above:



Once the name of the file you created is showing after clicking the “open” button, click “submit”:


There will be a brief delay while Blackboard processes the file. You should get a page that shows the results of upload and enrollment successes or failures:


If any of the usernames were incorrectly entered in your CSV or text file, you can add those users separately.

NOTE: Blackboard recommends to batch enroll users only 500 or less at a time. If you have more than 500 users to batch enroll, create multiple files to stay within this limitation.
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