The Course Management Menus



The Course Management  area appears in the bottom left corner of every Blackboard course. The area will predominantly consist of your course Control Panel, although this area is also where users will see their Group menu appear once they are enrolled into a Group.

Each item in this menu consists of an arrow tab on the left, which will expand and contract in an accordion fashion when clicked. When the arrow points to the right, the menu item is closed, and when it points down, it is open and displays its contents below (this also holds true for the Course Menu above the Course Management area). Keep this in mind if you do not see any of them items mentioned in this article.


Your Control Panel consists of eight menu items, all of which expand to give you further options when you expand them. Some menu items will have a faint gray arrow on the right which is a shortcut to the default page for that menu, or to a general overview of the contents of the menu.


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Content Collection

Clicking on Content Collection will open up the following options.


You will most likely need to select the first or section menu item, which will be the Course ID, which will take you to that course’s content, or your Pitt ID, which will take you to your personal content. The arrow to the right of the Content Collection menu will take you to your course’s content.

For more on the Content Collection, see our Content Collection Knowledge Base article.

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Course Tools

Clicking on Course Tools will provide you with links that allow you to manage all of your Blackboard tools in that course from the back end. You can also access these tools by creating Content Area links or Tools Links within the left-hand Course Menu Bar.



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Course Evaluation allows you to monitor things like Statistics Tracking and SCORM Reports, which are external course modules that are loaded into the course but do not necessarily feed directly into the Grade Center.


It also contains the link to the Retention Center for that course. The arrow to the right of the Evaluations menu will take you to a general overview of the items listed above.

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Grade Center

The Grade Center will give you access to your students grades (not to be confused with the My Grades link, which only shows individual student users their own grades and is not usually by instructors).


The arrow to the right of the Grade Center menu will take you to the Full Grade Center.

For more information on the Grade Center, see our Grade Center Knowledge Base article.

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Users and Groups

Users and Groups aptly gives you access to the Users management page and the Groups management page.


For more information on Users or Groups, see our Users or Groups Knowledge Base articles.

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Customization includes a wide variety of tools, including access settings for Guest users, changing the colors and other cosmetic options to your course, as well as making your course available.


The arrow to the right of the Customization menu will take you to a general overview of the items listed above.

To make your course available or unavailable, go to Properties. Once there, go to Set Availability, and change the setting to whichever availability option you prefer, and click Submit. The course being unavailable makes it inaccessible to Student and Guest users, however all instructors, TAs, Course Builders and Graders will still have access.


To add a banner or make other cosmetic changes to your course, go to Teaching Style. Educational Technology Services advises against making changes to the Course Structure, so scroll past that area until you see a number of menu styles and colors to choose from. Selecting from these will modify the appearance of your course menu.


To add a banner, scroll all the way to the bottom until you see a Browse button.


Click Submit to save any of these changes.

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Packages and Utilities

Packages and Utilities allows you to the export and import course content from one course shell to another. This is usually done to copy content from a course taught in a previous term into the same course taught in a new term.


The arrow to the right of the Packages and Utilities menu will take you to a general overview of the items listed above.

For more information on the items listed in Packages and Utilities, see our Exporting and Importing Knowledge Base Articles.

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Lastly, the Help menu will provide you will useful documentation, including a link to this Faculty Knowledge Base, as well as the email to the Technology Help Desk.


It will also direct you to video resources on the Blackboard Help Site.