CourseWeb Retention Guidelines


The university archives CourseWeb content on an annual basis, following the conclusion of the Spring term each academic year. Courses from the previous five terms will be kept, and course content from older terms will be archived and moved to a backup location. For Academic Year 2018-2019, this means that all content from
Fall 2017 (2181 term) to present will be retained. Content from Fall 2016 – Summer 2017 (2171-2177 terms) will be archived. Courses with incomplete grades are automatically exempted from this process, as are any other faculty requests submitted during the annual archiving process. Any unarchived courses from terms prior to 2171 will remain active in the system.

Notification and Exceptions

Instructors with courses that are slated to be archived will be contacted near the end of the spring term each year, and offered an opportunity to request that their courses be exempt from this process. Courses where a student earned an I grade are automatically retained, and do not require an exception.

Restoring Courses from the Archive and More Information

Archived courses will be moved from the active system to a backup location, where they will be available for restoration by LMS Support and Consulting upon your request. If you wish to retain an additional archive copy for your records, you can do so by following the instructions available here: Exporting and Importing Your Course. These export packages are in a proprietary format that is only readable by Blackboard. Courses can be restored from these exported copies; however, you will not be able to access any of the underlying files or content directly from your computer.

Archiving older courses allows us to free up space in the system, which improves system performance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact LMS Support and Consulting at or by calling (412) 648-2832.