Creating and Managing Content



By “content” we mean anything that you add to your course that gives your students information. It could be files you want your students to download and read, it could be information or instructions you’d like to convey, or it might be a web link or link to a Panopto video. Most of these content types can be created by using the Build Content menu in the Action Bar of any content area. Mouse over the Build Content tab in the Action Bar to reveal the menu of different content types.

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Uploading Documents or Giving Your Students Information

  1. In any content area, mouse over the Build Content tab in the Action Bar to reveal the menu of different content types.
    Build Content menu
  2. Select Item. By using an Item content type in Blackboard, you can:
    • Upload either a single document or multiple documents as an attachment, for your students to download and read. You can upload any file type.
    • Give your students information or instructions by typing into the text box (you do not have to upload anything at all).
  3. Give the Item a name (this is required).
  4. You may use the Text box to write a brief description or give your students information. Keep in mind that any information presented as part of an Item’s text is very difficult for students to print out. If the information you are giving is something a student may want to print (such as a syllabus), attach a Word document or PDF rather than (or in addition to) using the Text box.
  5. If you are attaching uploaded documents, scroll to the Attachments subheading and click Browse My Computer to find and upload a document. 2014-12-15_16-06-04
  6. To add more documents or files, repeat this process and review the options under the Standard Options subheading. When you are finished, click Submit.

Below, you can see an example of an Item containing three files: a .pdf, an .mp3 sound file, and a .docx Word document. Since they are all related resources, this instructor has chosen to group them together in one Item.


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Creating Content Folders

You may also create a folder inside any of your existing content areas. These folders can be used to organize your course content so that students can more easily find what they are looking for.

  1. Moues over the Build Content menu in the Action Bar and select Content Folder.2014-12-15_16-14-34
  2. Give the folder a name. You may also describe the contents of the folder in the text box, but this is not required. Do NOT attach the items you wish to put inside the folder into this text box.
  3. If you are putting a date and time restriction on the content, do so in the Standard Options area. (Note: by putting a date and time restriction on a content folder, students will not be able to access anything that is inside that folder until after the date/time specified, regardless of the settings on the individual items inside the folder.)
  4. Click Submit.
  5. To place items inside this folder, click its name to enter it, then use the Build Content menu in the Action Bar to add content.

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Presenting Web Links or Video

Other common types of content to include in a course are web links and videos.

The Web Link content type found in the Build Content menu can be used to create clickable links to other websites.

For the inclusion of video into Blackboard courses, we recommend using Panopto to either upload an existing video, or create a new one of your own. For more information on how to use Panopto and integrate it with your Blackboard course, please see Getting the Most Out of Panopto.

If you just want to make an easy, clickable link to a Panopto video you have created or uploaded into a Panopto folder already connected to your course:

  1. Mouse over the Tools menu in the Action Bar.
  2. Select Panopto Video Link.
  3. From the first Folder dropdown menu, select the Panopto folder that the video is located in.
  4. From the second Lecture dropdown menu, select the specific video you want to link to (it doesn’t have to be a lecture!).
  5. You may alter the title of the video in the Title text box, or give it a brief description (optional).
  6. Click Submit.

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Deleting Content

  1. Content and folders can be deleted by clicking on the item’s Context Menu and selecting Delete.

Individual documents attached to an Item can be deleted, without deleting the entire Item.

  1. Click on the Item’s Context Menu and select Edit.
  2. Under the Attachments heading, click Mark for Removal next to any document you wish to delete
  3. Once all documents that you wish to delete have been marked, click Submit.

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Moving Content

Content and folders can be moved or copied to other content areas in the same course, or to other courses in which you are an instructor.

  1. To move or copy content, click on the item’s Context Menu and click either Move or Copy.
  2. The next page will prompt you to select the course, and the folder within that course, into which you want to move or copy the content. Use the Dropdown Menu to select the appropriate course (the current course that you are working in will show as default) and then click the Browse button to find the appropriate folder. A file tree representing the content areas and folders of the selected course will appear as a pop-up window.
  3. Click on the name of the folder into which you would like to move or copy the content.
  4. Click Submit.

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