Copy Course Content


Copying Files, Tools and Other Non-Graded Content
Copying Tests and Surveys



Many types of content within a course can be duplicated and used multiple times within the same course. Once an item has been copied, it can be placed in any area within your course and edited, changed, or deleted without affecting the original item. This is a useful way of creating a single template course format and then duplicating it multiple times as you build out the entirety of your course, or presenting the same (or similar) material at different time-points within the course.


Copying Files, Tools and Other Non-Graded Content

There are many types of content within a course that can be copied. Documents, discussion boards, links, and media files can all be copied and pasted into another folder or content area within a course by following these steps:

1. Click on the downward arrow next to the name of the item and selecting Copy from the menu.



2. Select where you would like the copy to be located by clicking Browse.

Browse to the destination of the copied item.


3. Use the file tree (which opens in a new window) to click on the destination folder for the copied item.

Select the destination of the item in the file tree.


4. Select where you would like the copy to be located and click Submit. Once your copy is placed in its destination, you may edit it in the same way as you would edit any original content. Editing the copy will not change the original.



Copying Tests and Surveys

Anything that creates a column in your Grade Center—tests, surveys, and assignments—cannot be copied in the same way as other items (outlined above). If you pull down the context menu for those items, you will not find Copy as an option:

If you would like to use a test or survey multiple times within the same course (for example, as a pre- and post-test, or the same survey given to students at different points during the course), you can do so by following these steps:


1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.Testandpools


2. Select the type of assessment that you would like to duplicate, either a Test or a Survey. Next to the name of the test or survey you want to duplicate, click the grey down arrow, open up its menu, and select Copy. This will create a duplicate of your test or survey that is not deployed anywhere yet. The name will be the same, except for a parenthetical number at the end.

Copying a test from the Tests, Surveys and Pools area
The file name of a copied test will be the same, with a number at the end


3. At this point, you may deploy this test or survey in your course in any content area that you wish. This process is the same as you would use for adding a new test or survey to your course. In the desired area, use the Assessments menu in the action bar to begin the process.

Add a test to a content area with the Assessments button


4. On the Create Test (or Survey) screen, you will see the option to Create a New Test, or to Add an Existing Test. The menu next to Add an Existing Test will display all of your undeployed tests (tests that are not currently available to users). Select the copy of the test or survey that you just made and click Submit.

Add an undeployed test to a content area


5. At this time you can edit this tests or survey’s options. This is an important step, because none of the options (such as due date, availability, or type of feedback) carry over from the original test or survey that you copied. All options are set back to their defaults. You must manually change these options to your desired settings for this newly deployed test or survey. Remember also to change its name, to avoid confusion.

Pull down the context menu for the copied test to edit its options.

Likewise, if you wish to change the point values, add or change questions, or edit the test or survey in any other way, you may do that by selecting Edit the Test from its contextual menu, as you would with any other test or survey. None of the edits you make in this duplicated test will be reflected in the original. This is now a completely separate assessment item.


For more information on creating and using tests see the Tests in Blackboard Faculty Knowledge Base article.