Editing Start, Due and Post Dates of Turnitin Direct Assignments



The Start, Due and Post Dates of the Turnitin Direct Assignments you create in Blackboard impact whether or not your students are able to submit papers, and whether they can view your comments and feedback on their papers. If you made an error in setting up these dates when you created your Turnitin Direct Assignment, you can edit them at any point.

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Start, Due and Post Dates: What Do They Mean?

Start Date: The date at which students will be able to upload assignments. Please note that this is not the same as availability dates in Blackboard. Students will still be able to see and click on the assignment, they just will not be given an active button with which to upload their assignment until after the Start Date. If you want to keep a Turnitin Direct Assignment hidden from students until after a particular date, you must use an Adaptive Release rule.
Due Date: Students will be blocked from submitting after the due date, unless you allow late submissions (a setting in the Assignment area, see below).
Post Date: This refers to the date after which students may view your comments on their papers. It has no bearing on when they can see grades you enter that appear in your Blackboard Grade Center column for this assignment, only for comments and markup you create using Turnitin GradeMark. If your students are telling you that they cannot see your comments on their papers, check the Post Date.

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Editing the Start, Due and Post Dates

  1. Click View Assignment to open up the Turnitin Direct Assignment you’d like to edit the dates for.
  2. On the tool bar at the top of the Submission Inbox, click the pencil icon:
    Turnitin Submission Inbox tool bar
  3. Click the calendar icon next to the date you would like to edit and use the calendar and time sliders to select a new date and time.
    Turnitin Direct Assignment areas to update calendar dates
  4. When you are finished, click Update Parts.

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