First Time CourseWeb Login for Teaching Survey Users

In order to access your surveys and reports on the new Pitt teaching survey system, you must now go through CourseWeb. This guide will explain how to log in to CourseWeb for the first time, how to get past the first time user login splash screen, as well as how to access the Pitt Instructor Survey Module on the My CourseWeb page.




Navigating To Courseweb

  1. Open Chrome or your preferred web browser (note: Chrome and Firefox are recommended browsers, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge may yield different results)
  2. Navigate to the website and Log In using your Pitt Username and Password (shown in image)
  3. Select the “CourseWeb” link from the list of links along the right side of the page. (shown in image, red)

FTL5 homepage

Closing the First Time Login Splash Screen

  1. Once CourseWeb Opens, you will be greeted by the first time user login screen. This was designed by Blackboard as a short walk through and introduction to the system. (Shown in Image)
  2. Next, look to the bottom of the information being displayed on the darkened splash screen, and select “I’ll do it later” (shown in the image, red). If you wish to follow the first time user experience from Blackboard, please read the information as it is displayed to you on the screen and click where the arrows direct you to during the walk through until it is finished.


Opening Survey Questions and Reports

  1. After closing the first time user experience login screen, you will be left on the “My CourseWeb” dashboard. This dashboard is the landing page you will always see when you log in to CourseWeb, and it is also how you will access your Teaching Surveys and Reports.
  2. To find the Teaching Surveys Instructor’s module, look to the left of your dashboard. The Survey module should be the second from the top below “Tools” and reads “Teaching Surveys – Instructors,” containing the links “Reports” and “Question Selection & Response Rate Monitoring.” (shown in image, red)
  3. Select the “Reports” link to go to your reports page, or select the “Question Selection & Response Rate Monitoring” link to view your questions and response rates page.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a respective page, you have reached your destination. To return to CourseWeb, please select “Return to Launcher” link in the top right corner of the page. (shown in both images)


Get Help

  • The CSSD Help Desk is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days each year at 412-624-HELP (4357). They are able to solve many common Blackboard issues.
  • The Educational Technology Services (ETS) team oversees the administration of Blackboard, the operations of the Educational Technology Center (ETC) and the administration of technology training programs for faculty and staff. Our team partners with faculty to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning through the appropriate integration of technology. ETS provides individual and departmental consulting and training opportunities for faculty and staff.
    Location: Alumni Hall, Room B23
    Business Hours: 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday
    Contact Information: 412-648-2832 /
  • ETS regularly offers workshops for instructors and staff on many aspects of Blackboard and other instructional technologies, from introductory sessions to more advanced topics.
  • The ETS News + Notes electronic newsletter is sent out twice a month, and contains important announcements, handy tech tips, and timely links to pertinent Knowledge Base articles.


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