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Creating a Group [1]
Group Tools [2]
Group Links for Student [3]
Group Assignments [4]
Grading Group Assignments [5]

Create a Group

In your Blackboard course, under your left-hand side Course Management Menu, go to Users and Groups and click on Groups.

Hover over Create (1) and choose to create a Self-Enroll Group (2) or a Manual Enroll Group (3).

Self-Enroll Group

Under Self-Enroll Group’s Sign-Up Options, choose a name for the Sign-Up Sheet (1). Add instructions for the sign-up sheet in the text box (2). Choose the maximum number of members allowed in the group (3). Choose to (dis)allow students to see the names of other members in a group before they sign up (4). Choose to allow students to sign-up from the groups listing page (5). This means that you will have to add the Groups link to your Course Menu.

Manual Enroll Group

Under Manual Enroll Group Membership settings, click Add Users.

Choose which students to put in the group by clicking on the checkboxes to the right of their names (1). If you do not see all your students, click the Show All button (2). When you are finished, click Submit (3).

Group Tools

You can grade blogs, journals, and wikis but after enabling grading, you cannot change the setting to disable grading. Group discussion boards are the only assessments where each group member is graded individually.

Add Groups Link to Course Menu

In the top left-hand corner above your Course Navigation Menu, click the gray plus button (1). Choose Tool Link (2).

Name the link (1) and in the drop-down selection, choose Groups (2). Choose to make the link available to students by checking off the box (3). Click Submit (4).

Add Groups Link in Course Area

Choose the course area that you would like to make the Groups Link available, such as your Course Documents. Under the Tools drop-down (1), choose Groups (2).

Create a Group Assignment

Navigate to the course area where you would like the assignment to be available, such as your Course Documents. Under the Assessments drop-down (1), choose Assignment (2). Groups also work with Turnitin Direct Assignments.

Under your Assignment Submission Details (1), choose Group Submission (2). The left list of groups (3) are the groups that are not connected to the current assignment. The right list of groups (4) are the groups that are connected to the current assignment and will be graded on it. Move the groups between lists by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons (5). Choose to allow single, multiple, or unlimited attempts (6). If you would like, check the assignment against Blackboard’s plagiarism tool SafeAssign (7) and (dis)allow students from seeing the originality report (8).

When you are done, click Submit.

Grade a Group Assignment

In your Full Grade Center, navigate to the cell that needs grading on a group member’s assignment attempt. Click on the gray drop-down circle (1) that appears to the right of the yellow exclamation mark and choose Group Attempt[Group Name][Date of Attempt](2).

Change an Individual Member’s Group Grade

Give the entire group a grade by typing in the blue text box (1). You can change an individual group member’s grade by clicking on the pencil next to their grade and typing in the overriding grade (2). Confirm by clicking the green checkmark box (3).