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The Users page lists all enrolled users in your course and allows you to manage their roles in it. As an instructor, you may add users to your course provided that they have CourseWeb accounts. CourseWeb user accounts are managed by Pitt’s Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) department. If you wish to add a user that does not have a Pitt account, please contact your Responsibility Center Administrator. A list of Responsibility Center Administrators may be found at

Access the Users page from the Control Panel in the Users and Groups section.

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About Enrolling Users

As an instructor, you may enroll users in two ways. These options are available from the Enroll User drop-down menu or the Batch Enroll function on the action bar.

  • Find Users to Enroll: Enroll users that have an existing account in the system.
  • Batch Enroll: Enroll multiple users all at once and assign them a course role.

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How to Create Users

As an instructor, you may not create user accounts. This function is reserved to CSSD’s Responsibility Center Administrators.

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How to Enroll a Single User

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Users and Groups section and click Users.
  2. On the Users page, select Find Users to Enroll (you may need mouse over the Enroll User button) at the top of the page.
  3. Type a username into the text box provided. Do not include “” Do not click “Browse” button.
  4. Select or type as many usernames as needed. Separate multiple usernames with commas.
  5. Select a Role and Enrollment Availability for the users.
  6. Click Submit.

Located Users: Search results display up to 25 names on a page. Searches that result in more than 25 users will display users on multiple pages. You cannot enroll multiple users who appear on different pages. Instead, select users to enroll from a single page and click Submit. Redo the search to select additional users to enroll.

Availability: You cannot enroll users who have been made Unavailable by your institution. Users who have been enrolled in your course, but made Unavailable by you, will not see your course in the My Courses tab and do not have access to your course. You need to set the course to Available for these users so that they can see they are enrolled in your course.

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How to Batch Enroll Users

Batch Enroll Users adds multiple users to your course and assigns them a course role. User data is defined in a batch file that must be created outside the system. Common creation tools are text editors and Microsoft Excel.

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Users and Groups section and click Users.
  2. On the Users page, click Batch Enroll Users.
  3. Click Browse to locate the batch file, and select a Delimiter Type, if necessary.
  4. Click Submit.

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Information About Batch Files

Batch files are TXT files that may hold large quantities of information to upload to the system. Each batch utility contains specific instructions on creating the batch file. The following batch file standards are universal:

  • Each file must be one of the supported file types: TXT (plain text) or CSV (comma-separated values).  Microsoft Excel versions 2003 and later automatically insert double quotes in each field if the worksheet is saved as a CSV file.
  • Each file must be in DOS format. Files in Mac or UNIX format must be converted to DOS.
  • Each field must be enclosed in double quotation marks. For example: “John”
  • If quotation marks appear in a field, use an escape character to indicate that the next character does not mark the end of the field. The escape character is a backslash (\). For example: “\”NICKNAME\””
  • Each field must be separated with one of the following delimiters: comma, colon, or tab. When selecting AUTO, only one type of delimiter may be used in each batch file. For example: “John”,”Smith” or  “John”:”Smith”
  • Each record must be on a separate line. For example:”John”,”Smith”  “Samantha”,”Baker”
  • Do not include blank lines between records. The blank line will be processed and return an error.
  • Blackboard recommends that each batch file not exceed 500 records because of timeout restrictions associated with most browsers.

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How to Remove Users From a Course

Removing users from your course is final and irreversible. All of the information associated with the users, such as Grade Center information, assessment and assignment information, and course statistics are also deleted. Discussion board posts, received messages, and email messages are not deleted. Deleted users and their corresponding information cannot be restored to your course. However, you can re-enroll a deleted user into your course without any associated data.

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Users and Groups section and click Users.
  2. On the Users page, select the check boxes next to the users you want to remove from your course.
  3. Click Remove Users From Course.
  4. A pop-up window warns you that the action is final. Click OK to delete the user.

Alternatively, you can delete users one at a time:

  1. On the Users page, access a user’s contextual menu and click Remove Users From Course.
  2. A pop-up window warns you that the action is final. Click OK to delete the user.

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Managing Settings for Users

The following functions are accessed in a user’s contextual menu. The options include:

  • Change User’s Role in Course: Select the role for a user. This setting only affects the course you are teaching.
    • Instructors and Teaching Assistants
      • Can make changes to the course content
      • Can access student grades
    • Course Builders
      • Can make changes to the course content
      • Cannot access the Grade Center
    • Graders
      • Can access student grades
      • Cannot make changes to the course content
    • Students
      • Can view course content made available to users them by an instructor, TA or Course Builder.
      • Appear in the Grade Center
    • Guests
      • Can view course content made available specifically to Guests by an instructor, TA or Course Builder
      • Do not appear in the Grade Center
  • Change User’s Availability in Course: Set a user’s availability to Yes or No. This setting only affects the course you are teaching. Availability appears in the right column on the Users page. Note that the users’ availability status may be updated by a nightly data feed from the PeopleSoft system.
  • Remove Users From Course: Select this option to delete users. You will be prompted to confirm the removal.

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Enrolling Users as Guests

The following table lists the tools that are unavailable on the system level to guests.

Tool Unavailable to the Guest Role
Assignments Unavailable to guest role
Tests Unavailable to guest role
Blogs Unavailable to guest role
Collaboration Unavailable to guest role
Discussion Board Unavailable to guest role
Email Unavailable to guest role
Groups Unavailable to guest role
Journals Unavailable to guest role
Messages Unavailable to guest role
My Grades Unavailable to guest role
Roster Unavailable to guest role
Rubrics Unavailable to guest role
Tasks Unavailable to guest role

Guest and Observer Access Video (1:51)

manage course users

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One Comment

  1. Courseweb’s “how to batch enroll” is incomplete. You need to know more information and format your file a certain way.

    This website below has how-to instructions. Can you please update our Knowledge Base to include this information?

    from University of Oregon libraries:

    Uploading a batch file for enrolling multiple users (students).

    You may get help from CMET Consulting on using Excel if you run into any problems. Basically, you need to create an excel spreadsheet that has data on a single sheet. You can use the roster download from Duckweb and modify it to be as follows. On that sheet should be a single rectangular table with one row per person to add and the following 4 columns:
    column A Username
    column B Lastname
    column C Firstname
    … (leave columns D & E blank)
    column F Course Role (S for Student) (P for Instructor) (T for Teaching Assistant) (B for Course Builder) (G for Grader)

    The table should not have a header row, though if you include a header row the only downside will be that you’ll get one spurious error message when you upload it to blackboard.

    Once you have the spreadsheet, save it as a Comma-Separated-Variables file with filename something.csv.

    Then go to Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users and click the yellow “Batch Enroll Users” button. Browse to the file and click Submit. Delimiter can in my experience be either Automatic or Comma.

    You should get a meaningful response reporting which students were added and which had problems.

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