Printing Student Assessment Attempts from Blackboard

Even though you have decided to deliver your assessments to your students on Blackboard (if you have), there might be times where you need/wish to print those assessment attempts by the students to grade or review offline. If, for example, your assessment has essay questions, it might be easier for you to grade them from hard copies of the attempts rather than online in the Grade Center.

For those times, you will need to navigate to the Grade Center and specific assessment to print the attempts, but there are a few things you’ll need to do before that.

First, this procedure works in Firefox, the recommended browser for accessing Blackboard for both faculty and students. This does not work in Internet Explorer or Chrome. Once you have Firefox installed or opened, you need to perform these steps for each assessment you want to print for review outside of Blackboard.

Step 1: Navigate to the Full Grade Center for your class (1). There, locate the column for the assessment you want to print out (2). Click the drop down for the student’s attempt and select the “Attempt (date)” option (3).

SNAG-3-25-2015 2.34.48 PM

Step 2: With the attempt widow open, right-click (1) anywhere in the assessment, then, from the popup menu that produces, click “This Frame” (2), then “Print Frame” (3).

SNAG-3-25-2015 2.42.22 PM

Step 3: This will produce a print dialogue window that will allow you to either print a hard copy of the assessment or a PDF (1), if you have a PDF creator installed on your system.

SNAG-3-25-2015 2.53.04 PM

Click “OK” (2) to print once you have selected a printer from the drop down list in the print window.

Proceed to the next student attempt and repeat the steps as necessary.