Providing Assignment Annotations Using Word and Feedback to Learner

The New Box View inline grading features in Blackboard do not allow students to download annotated copies of their submissions to online assignments that were created using the Assignment tool. For instructors who wish to provide annotations and inline grading feedback to students, one option is to download student submissions from the Assignment tool and provide that feedback in Word. Then the annotated copy can be attached to a “Feedback to Learner” comment, enabling students to have access to a downloadable copy of instructor feedback.

If you plan on using this method, it is important that you instruct students to submit their work in the format of a Word document. While Word can convert PDF documents, for the best experience we recommend avoiding this whenever possible. Once a student has submitted their work, assignments can be downloaded individually or in bulk. For more information on using the assignment tool, including bulk download, see this article: Using the Assignment Tool.

Once you have downloaded the assignment, provided your feedback in Word, you’ll need to upload the annotated versions to each student submission individually. To do so navigate to the specific student assignment attempt, which should look like this:

Next, click on the small ∨ icon on the right hand side:

In the resulting drop down area, click on the paperclip icon:

This will open a new pop-up window. In this window, select “Browse My Computer” and select the file that contains your feedback. Once the file is attached you will see a link to it appear in the text box:

You have the option to provide some additional feedback to the student here as well. Next, enter a grade for the assignment and click “Submit”. Now, when students view their graded assignment they will have the ability to download a copy of their assignment with your feedback preserved.