Show and Hide Grade Information to Students


Viewing Grades in Blackboard

Instructors, Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graders can record and view assessment data for all students through the Grade Center. Students view their grades via the My Grades link in the Course menu:

My Grades link in course menu

The student My Grades view only shows each student their own grades, and no one else’s. Students do not have access to the Grade Center. Users with an Instructor role will get an error when clicking on the My Grades link, since Instructors do not have personal grades in the course. This link is for Students only.

You control which Grade Center data is released to students and the timing of its release. You can choose not to show individual grade columns to students. Columns that are available and shown to students will appear in My Grades (see above).

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Hide a Grade From or Show a Grade to Students

When you hide a column from students, that grade will not appear on any students’ My Grades page, until you decide to show it again. Examples of instances in which this is appropriate would be a situation in which an instructor does not want to reveal test grades to students until the entire class has received grades, or a case in which a grading column is used only to record information for the instructor’s benefit and will not be of use to students.

  1. To hide a grade column from students, open the column’s contextual menu and select Hide from Students (on/off).
    Hide from Students
  2. This column will now appear in your Grade Center with an icon in the header indicating it has been hidden from Students Grade hidden from Students icon
  3. To show a grade that had been previously hidden, follow the same procedure from Step 1 above.
    Note: The menu selection will still read Hide from Students (on/off) even if that column is currently hidden, as this setting is a toggle switch. Select it once to hide the column, select it again to show it. You can always tell which columns are hidden from students and which are not by the presence or absence of the Grade hidden from Students icon icon in the column’s header.

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