Supported Browsers


In general, Blackboard users will have the best experience with either Firefox or Chrome (for Windows or Mac), or Safari for the Macintosh. While some versions of Internet Explorer are supported by Blackboard (see below), newer or older versions may not be, and regardless of version, some features and user settings of this browser may interfere with the smooth functioning of Blackboard.

Automatically Updated Channel-based Browsers (Firefox and Chrome)

The dates listed are the latest numbered patch release dates.

Firefox Logo
  • Firefox 41 (stable channel) from Mozilla (22 September 2015)
  • Firefox 41 (ESR channel) from Mozilla (22 September 2015)
Chrome Logo
  • Chrome 46 (stable channel) from Google (10 October 2015)

Traditionally Released Browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari)

The dates listed are the original release dates for general availability.

Internet Explorer Logo
  • Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft (17 October 2013 for Windows 8.1, 7 November 2013 for Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 10 from Microsoft (26 October 2012 for Windows 8, 26 February 2013 for Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft  (14 March 2011)

Some configuration options for Internet Explorer might make some features of Blackboard Learn difficult to use.

Safari Logo
  • Safari 8 from Apple (16 October 2014)
  • Safari 7 from Apple (22 October 2013)
  • Safari 6 from Apple (25 July 2012)

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