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RF LCD w Receiver

TurningPoint Clickers are a type of Audience Response System and allows your students to digitally interact with your material in the classroom in the form of in-class polling questions. This tool is highly recommended for large lecture classes of 50 students or more. Each of your participants will need a clicker device (also called a Response Card) to answer various types of questions on the projector screen of a computer equipped with a USB receiver device and running the TurningPoint application.

TurningPoint can also integrate directly into your Blackboard courses, allowing students to register their devices with their username so that you can score and upload their poll responses into your Grade Center. The Educational Technology Center can offer you support in the use of TurningPoint Clickers, and you can also borrow a set with 30 clicker devices and a receiver from Classroom Services. However, unless the students have access to a TurningPoint licenses, these devices will only be useful for anonymous polling. The University Store also has student clickers and instructor sets available for individual purchase, and the Turning Technologies Student Store also has sets available for purchase.

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Setting Up Your Account

The first thing to do as an instructor when setting up TurningPoint is to create an account. You can do this directly by going to Turning Account webpage

Once you’ve gone through the account creation process, log into the Turning Account webpage, and select the Downloads tab on the left.

Under TurningPoint Cloud, select “PC – Install” for Microsoft and “Mac – No Install” for Apple operating systems. Alternatively, you can work with the newly released TurningPoint 8. Both function the same, and feature only minor aesthetic changes. Just keep in mind that any poll created in TurningPoint 8 will be incompatible with TurningPoint Cloud.

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The TurningPoint Cloud Application

Once you’ve installed and launched the application, you will be prompted to enter your account credentials once again.

You will also be prompted to save your password or set up an offline password, which you may choose to do if you are on a private computer. Once logged in, you should see the following window.

PowerPoint Polling will allow you to use PowerPoint to poll your participants. Anywhere Polling will launch TurningPoint’s native polling software, and Self-Paced Polling will do the same but allow students to participate over an extended period of time. We will be covering PowerPoint Polling in the tutorial, but if you are interested in Anywhere Polling or Self-Paced Polling, you can view the tutorials on these services on the TurningPoint support page.

To set up and run a PowerPoint Poll

1. First, ensure that your USB receiver has been plugged in and recognized. To check this, make sure that there is a number underneath the Receiver indicator at the top of the application.

2. Second, ensure that your clicker devices are set to the right channel.

a. To change the channel on the receiver, simply click the number underneath the receiver indicator and select a different channel number.

b. To change the channel on the clicker, click Ch. and then type in your number and click Ch. again.

c. Channel 41 is the default, channels 1-82 are available. You should not need to change this unless there is another TurningPoint poll going on in the immediate vicinity.

 3. Click on PowerPoint® Polling. This should automatically launch PowerPoint. Open an existing presentation, or create a new one. There should now be a TurningPoint ribbon accessible along the top of PowerPoint.

4. To add new polling questions to your presentation, see below. Otherwise skip ahead to step 6.

a. Click New from the TurningPoint ribbon/toolbar and select a question type (For this example, we will use Multiple Choice).

b. This will create a new slide with a blank question and answer textbox, as well as a polling graphic.

c. Type your desired question and up to 10 possible answer choices for multiple choice questions. Click away from the text box to make the polling graphic automatically reset to display the correct number of responses.

5. To set correct answers (Optional)

a. In the TurningPoint Cloud Slide Pane, click to expand Scoring Options and select the correct answer from the drop-down menu.

b. Setting a correct answer automatically sets all other answer choices to incorrect, but if multiple answers are correct, then you can set them manually.

c. Input the Correct Point Value to assign a number score.

e. Add a Correct Answer Indicator to give participants a visual confirmation of the correct answer after polling has closed

f. If you wish to have a countdown timer automatically close polling after a certain time, go to Objects and select Countdown. Selecting Object under TurningPoint Cloud Slide Pane will allow you to alter the time.

7. If you have a participant list, you may load it in the Participants area.

6. Before running your PowerPoint Poll, you must Reset your presentation so that all the answers are zeroed.

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Conducting a Poll

Launch your PowerPoint in presentation in Slide Show mode, and when you navigate to a slide with a TurningPoint polling question, you should see a bar appear at the top right. By default, polling opens to audience responses as soon as the slide is reached, but you can adjust this in the TurningPoint Cloud Sidebar Slide Pane.

1. Advance your slides normally to proceed through each step. Once you see Polling Open, participants may now begin using their clickers to submit number or letter answers to your polling question. The number of responses will increase with each submission from your audience.

2. Advance your slide one step forward to stop polling. This will display your poll results. Advance again to display your Correct Answer Indicator, if applicable. Advance again to proceed to the next slide.

3. To reset this poll question, click the green Reset button.

4. At the conclusion of polling, if you want to save your results, click the black Save button in the TurningPoint banner to save the PowerPoint Poll as a unique session with that individual poll’s results captured.

NOTE: You MUST save this as a unique session if you wish to upload the results to Blackboard.

5. To conduct the poll for another group of participants, hit the Reset button again and start again in Slide Show mode.

6. To export these results into a spreadsheet, selecting the Reports button in the TurningPoint banner will open up a pop up window that will allow you to save your results as either an XLS, CSV or HTML file.

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Blackboard Integration

With TurningPoint, you have the ability to use PowerPoint polls as graded assessments which can then be added to your Blackboard grade center.

Setup For Students

This requires a few things first.

  • Your students will each need a TurningPoint account. Students can go the Turning Account webpage to set up their accounts, but in order to link these accounts to their Blackboard course, students MUST access their TurningPoint Account through the TurningPoint Account Registration Tool Link in your course.
  • You can set this up in your course by selecting Tools from a content area and choosing More Tools and then TurningPoint Account Registration.

  • You can also set this up by selecting the + button at the top of your content menu, selecting Tool Link, and choosing TurningPoint Account Registration from the drop down list. Be sure to click the “Available to Users” box to let you students select the link.

  • The link will automatically send your students to create a Turning Account, which will allow them to either log in with their TurningPoint account, or create one with their Pitt email address.

  • Your students will each need a dedicated clicker device. It is possible to use community clickers and have the students borrow clicker devices from Classroom Services, but this will only allow for anonymous polling.


  • Once the students have a TurningPoint account and a TurningPoint license and response card (both bundled together and available for purchase in the University Store and the Turning Technologies Student Store), that student will then need to log into their TurningPoint account and register their license and device.
  • They can open up the Profile tab on the left-hand navigation area of the Turning Account page, and enter the License ID number under Manage Subscriptions.

  • They can then can also enter the 6-digit code on back of their clicker device and add that under Manage Response Devices. It is possible for a student have multiple devices registered to their account, and it is a simple matter to un-assign a device from a student’s account by selecting the box for a device and clicking the remove button.

  • (Optional) If the student wishes to use ReponseWare, which allows them to access TurningPoint Polls from their smartphone or web browser, they will need to download the TurningPoint App (formerly known as ResponseWare) from the Google Play or iOS App Store.

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Setup Your Participant List

Now that you’ve gotten your students all set up, you will need to create a Participant List in your TurningPoint Cloud software.

  • Start by launching the software, and selecting the Manage tab at the top of the program window.

  • Select Participant List on the top left, and select New to create a new participant list based off your class roster.

  • Select Download From Integration (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.)

  • Hit Create List, and then enter the information into the next area
    • Integration: Blackboard SSO
    • Sever Address: https://courseweb.pitt.edu

  • Hit Connect and wait for the Multifactor Authentication screen to pop up

  • Authenticate your connection, and the next screen should . If you get an error message at this point, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

  • The window that pops up should give you a list of your courses. Select the one you want, and hit Import.

  • You should now see your course appear in the left-hand navigation bar. This course should also be visible in the Participants area of the Polling tab. Note that if a student does not possess a TurningPoint license at the time of this process, they will be marked as “Inactive,” and they will not be able to fully participate in the poll. If a student later activates a licenses, or is added or dropped from the course, select the Update option to re-initiate this process and refresh this list.
  • To conduct a TurningPoint Poll using this Participants List, simply select it before hitting PowerPoint® Polling.

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Upload Your Results to Blackboard

  • To upload your results to Blackboard, go back to the Manage tab, select your Participant List, and select Results Manager.

  • This will bring up your list of users. Here, you can manually assign clickers to your students as well. Select Integrations at the top of the page to access Blackboard.

  • Select Export Sessions(s) and follow the same steps as above when initially creating the list.

  • You will receive a confirmation dialogue box. Select Export to proceed.

  • After the process has finished, you should be able to navigate into your Blackboard Grade Center and locate a new column with the same name as the session you imported. Rename and adjust the settings within the Grade Center Column as needed.

  • (Optional) You will go through a similar process if you need to update your Participant List. This list will not update automatically if a user is added or removed from your course in Blackboard. To update your Participant List, repeat the steps for uploading your results to Blackboard, only this time, select Update List and follow the same steps as above when initially creating the list.

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ResponseWare is the browser viewer that allows participants to join a TurningPoint Poll via the web. This also used to be the name of the mobile application, but this is now known simply as the TurningPoint application. Provided they have a license, audiences will be able to participate in TurningPoint polls using their mobile devices or their computers.


When you connect to ResponseWare as an instructor, you will be provided with a Session ID that you will need to provide to your students. Once they’ve entered this ID into their ReponseWare application or web form, they will be able to participate in the poll.


These licenses are not provided by the University, and it will up to individual faculty or departments to contact Turning Technologies for pricing information if you are interested in using TurningPoint Cloud or ReponseWare in your classroom.

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