Viewing and Grading Turnitin Direct Assignments



Turnitin is an internet-based anti-plagiarism technology that can now be linked to your Blackboard course. The new integration between Turnintin and Blackboard essentially creates a private tunnel between these two applications such that student submissions, grades, instructor comments and reports can go back and forth between them seamlessly.

Instructors do not need to request a Turnitin account in order to use this feature for direct assignments in Blackboard.

You must create a Turnitin direct assignment in Blackboard before submissions can be accepted and then graded.

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Using the Submission Inbox

Instructors can view students’ submission status using the Submission Inbox. To navigate to the Submission Inbox, click on the View Assignment link that appears underneath the name of your assignment.

View Assignment link to access Submission Inbox

The Submission Inbox is a complete dashboard showing you all of the important data associated with this assignment.

Submission Inbox with different data in dashboard layout

    1. These tabs allow you to submit a paper on behalf of a student, view your Submission Inbox, or modify the settings of your assignment.
    2. This area summarizes your assignment (start, due and post dates, number of points associated with the assignment, and tools to launch special Turnitin features, or export submissions or grades.
    3. In this area, all students and submissions are shown, along with their Originality Report score, and any grade or score that has already been given. You can download or delete any student’s submission from this area as well.

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Viewing Submissions

You can view student submissions to a Direct Assignment via the Submission Inbox by clicking on the pencil icon:

Click pencil icon to view submissions

This will open up a new tab in your browser. This new browser tab is the Turnitin document viewer, and is outside of the Blackboard environment.

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Grading Submissions

Creating a Turnitin Direct Assignment automatically creates a column in the Grade Center corresponding with this assignment. A new column does not need to be manually created.
Within the Turnitin document viewer, the GradeMark and Originality Check features function the same way as they do when accessed via the Turnitin website.

When an instructor types a score into the box located at the top right of the document viewer and hits the “Enter” key:

Enter student score

That same score is automatically placed into the appropriate cell of the Blackboard Grade Center.

Students will be able to view their grade as well as instructor comments in a manner similar to a regular Blackboard assignment. In addition, if an instructor enables this feature in the settings when creating the Direct Assignment, students will be able to view the Originality Report for their paper as well.

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