What do students see after taking a test?

What you should know about all of these options:

Students see these things not only directly after submission but also when they enter My Grades, click on the name of the test they took, and click on either their score under “Calculated Grade” or the “Needs Grading” icon.  “After Submission” means any point after student submits the test, not just a one-time view, never to be seen again. Students will also always see their total score on objective-item-only tests. The only way to get around any of this is to hide the Grade Center column corresponding to the test from students and keep it hidden, or change “After Submission” to “One-Time View”.

There are seven possible things a student can see after they complete a test, depending on the settings:

  1. The full question text
  2. The number of points they earned or didn’t earn on each question (not whether they were right or wrong, though that is commonly implied by the attribution of points!)
  3. The correct answer to each question
  4. The answer they submitted for each question, with no notation indicating correctness or incorrectness
  5. The choices available for objective questions (i.e., choices a,b,c and d on a multiple choice question)
  6. Instructor feedback for each question (automatic feedback set by the instructor at the time of test creation and feedback given on subjective items when the test is scored—if this box isn’t checked, students will not see instructor feedback of any kind)
  7. An icon indicating whether their answer to each question was correct (green checkmark), incorrect (red x) or needs to be graded (orange exclamation mark), with no indication of what numerical score was achieved on these questions.

The only thing that is always shown if any of these boxes are checked is the full question text. Everything else can be turned on or off one at a time. So, a student can be shown their score on each question, but not shown what the correct answer was. Or, a student can see what the choices for each multiple-choice question were, but not shown what they picked, or which one was correct.