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Making Your Course Available

When you are first notified that your course has been created, it is Unavailable to students. This is to keep students from accessing your course and the course content before you are ready to make that content available to them. This tutorial will teach you how to make your course available to your students.

Managing Course Users

As an Instructor, you can manage the users (Students, TAs, other Instructors, etc…) in your course in various ways. You can add users, change their roles and persmissions in your course, and in some cases remove them from your course.

Blackboard Enrollments

Contents Overview Enrollment Processing Today Problems History Overview This post explains the current behavior of course enrollments between Blackboard and PeopleSoft (as of spring 2016), enrollment problems instructors and students may encounter, and a history of how we got here. Let us know if you have any enrollment issues, and . . . Read more

Exporting and Importing Your Course

For most users, Course Copy now replaces the Course Export/Import process as a way of reusing old course materials and structures in new courses. However, if you would like to use the old method, you may, using the steps outlined in this article.

Course Merge (Crosslisting)

Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same class may prefer to manage those sections through a single master class with associated child classes. While this merge must be initiated by the Educational Technology Center, this article covers the implications of performing a merge, how to manage a merged class, and how to request that your courses be merged.

Content Collection

The Content Collection is your access point to all files that you have access to in Blackboard. Understanding how your course and personal content collections function can streamline the process of managing the content of your courses.

Date Management

After performing a Course Copy or Import, use the date management tool to easily adjust all content and tool dates in your course to reflect the current academic calendar.

Instructor Course Copy

For most users, Course Copy now replaces the previous Course Export/Import process as a way of reusing old course materials and structures in new courses. Copying course materials into an existing course adds content to a course, but does not remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a course if you have the role of Instructor, Teaching Assistant (TA), or Course Builder.

An Introduction to Usability and Your Blackboard Course Site

The “usability” of a website refers to how easy a site is to use for the people visiting it. While Blackboard presents a layout and template that you as the instructor can’t change much, there are many aspects of your course usability that are well within your control. These four videos cover the most important tips and potential pitfalls associated with Blackboard usability.