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A Wiki is a free-form repository of information that anyone can add to, edit, or change. In Blackboard, Wikis can be created for the whole class, or for groups, and can either be ungraded or graded. Instructors can also contribute to Wikis, or it can be left entirely up to students, once the initial Wiki topic is opened by an instructor.

Creating and Managing Discussion Boards

With the Discussion Board tool, course members can replicate the robust discussions that take place in the classroom. Instructors can encourage peer-to-peer communication with a rich range of evaluation and assessment tools to moderate, grade, review, and track students as they participate in threaded discussion fora.

Edit and Manage Wikis

Contents Overview Edit Wiki Content Delete a Wiki Add a Wikis Link to the Course Menu Overview You must create or have access to a wiki topic before you can edit and manage a wiki. You must create or have access to a wiki before you can assign grades. If . . . Read more