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Making Your Course Available

When you are first notified that your course has been created, it is Unavailable to students. This is to keep students from accessing your course and the course content before you are ready to make that content available to them. This tutorial will teach you how to make your course available to your students.

Getting Started in Blackboard

Contents Overview How Do I Log Into Blackboard? Design Your Course The Announcements Page Faculty Information Include a Syllabus Add Your Course Content Set up the Grade Center Make Your Course Available to Students Get Help Overview CourseWeb is the University of Pittsburgh’s implementation of Blackboard Learn, an online course . . . Read more

Logging In and My CourseWeb

Each time you log in to CourseWeb, the first thing you will see is the My CourseWeb page. This page contains links to your courses, and customizable boxes called modules. This article covers how to find and enter your courses, and how to customize the look and function of your My CourseWeb page.

Supported Browsers

In general, Blackboard users will have the best experience with either Firefox or Chrome (for Windows or Mac), or Safari for the Macintosh. For more information on browser support, read this article.

Instructor Course Copy

For most users, Course Copy now replaces the previous Course Export/Import process as a way of reusing old course materials and structures in new courses. Copying course materials into an existing course adds content to a course, but does not remove existing content. You can only copy materials into a course if you have the role of Instructor, Teaching Assistant (TA), or Course Builder.