All posts in Grade Center: Basic Functions

Override Grades

The roles of instructor, teaching assistant, and grader are allowed to change grades in a course. When you change grades, the new data is automatically figured into existing weighted, total, or calculated grade columns.

Show and Hide Grade Information to Students

Students using Blackboard only see their own grades. You control which Grade Center data is released to students and the timing of its release. You can show or hide Grade Center columns to students, or show students class grading statistics so they can compare their performance to the class as a whole.

Delete or Clear Grades

During your grading tasks, you may need to delete a grade or revert a grade back to its previous state. For example, you can reset a test to give a student who experienced technical problems another chance. You accomplish these tasks through the Grade Center. Grades that you delete have . . . Read more

Grade History

The Grade History page acts like a log file that records all of the changes that occur to grades within a course, and displays all the data for grade submissions for the course within a set date range. You can manipulate the view and export the information.

Grade Center Column Organization

The Column Organization page allows you to view all the columns in the Grade Center in one place. You can quickly reorder the columns, and the changes you make appear in the Grade Center grid. If you have hidden columns (or think you may have), you can unhide them via the Column Organization page.

Grade Details

The Grade Details page allows you to view all of the submission history and grading information about a student’s assignment from one place. You can also clear, edit or exempt grades from the Grade Details page.

Enter Grades

You can enter grades into the Grade Center automatically by scoring assignments and tests deployed in Blackboard, manually by typing them into the Grade Center, or by uploading grades from external sources such as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.