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Calculated Formula Questions

Calculated Formula questions present students with a question that requires them to make a calculation and respond with a numeric answer. The numbers in the question change with each user and are pulled from a range that you set.

Test Item Analysis

Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance and individual test questions. This data helps you recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance. You can use this information to improve questions for future test administrations or to adjust credit on current attempts.

Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers

On a test or quiz, you can penalize students’ incorrect answers with negative points. This feature is most often used in multiple choice tests to discourage guessing. You can enable the negative points option during question creation or when editing a question. If you are using negative points as a guessing deterrent, mention this in the test instructions.

Tests in Blackboard

Blackboard tests and surveys may have up to 20 different question types, including Multiple Choice, True/False, Essay, Short Answer, Calculated Formula, and Matching. Tests with objective question types, such as Multiple Choice, are automatically graded, while subjective question types, such as Essay, require manual grading.

Copy Course Content

Many types of content within a course can be duplicated and used multiple times within the same course. Once an item has been copied, it can be placed in any area within your course and edited, changed, or deleted without affecting the original item. This is a useful way of creating a single template course format and then duplicating it multiple times as you build out the entirety of your course, or presenting the same (or similar) material at different time-points within the course.

Giving Tests in Blackboard: Best Practices

Giving your assessments via Blackboard can be convenient and time-saving, both for yourself and your students. When it comes to tests and quizzes (or any assessment given using the Tests course tool), there are a few things you should know before deciding whether or not to undertake this project. In this article, first we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about the Tests course tool itself, then we’ll recommend some best practices for instructors wishing to use it in their courses.