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Guidelines for Creating Instructional Recordings

University students benefit from having 24/7 access to course information in a variety of formats. Many faculty can take advantage of the mobile devices and other technologies that students have at their fingertips by creating instructional audio and video recordings. These guidelines are important considerations for your recording.

Getting Started With Panopto

This tutorial will explain the steps for accessing Panopto, provisioning your Blackboard course in Panopto, and downloading the Panopto Focus Recorder to your local computer.

Panopto Video Settings

Contents Overview Share Outputs Streams Search Captions Manage Log Similar to Folder Settings, each individual video presentation in Panopto has their own unique Video Settings that can be independently managed. Many of these settings will be dependent on the parent folder settings. To access your Panopto Video Settings, mouse over . . . Read more

Getting the Most out of Panopto

Panopto offers many functions, which we breakup into three workflows: Using Panopto with Blackboard, Using Panopto Separately From Blackboard, and Panopto for Students. This Roadmap is designed to help you determine which of Panopto’s workflows will suit you best and then link you to the appropriate posts that will give . . . Read more