How do I build a new course?

Course shells are created automatically based on information in PeopleSoft. They are usually created roughly three months prior to the start of the term for which they are listed, so all that you need to do is log into Blackboard and check your My Courses list. Courses are usually listed alpha-numerically, so later terms generally appear at the bottom of this list. Once you’ve found your course shell, click it to enter your course and begin building content. You may want to refer to the Setting Up a New Course roadmap.

All instructor and student users are added automatically, so you should not need to enroll any of your students unless there is a special case. If you are not seeing a course in your My Courses list, then it is likely that that the instructor was not listed properly in PeopleSoft. To get enrolled as an instructor in a course, contact your department’s PeopleSoft administrator.