How do I grade assignments submitted through Blackboard?

When a student completes and submits an assignment, it will automatically show up in the Grade Center.

Grade Center access from Control Panel

A Needs Grading icon will appear in the corresponding assignment column. Each assignment can be graded individually, or all student assignment files can be downloaded at one time, which saves time when viewing the submissions. Files are packaged in a zip file format for downloading to your personal storage device. The zipped package includes each file submitted by the student labeled with the name of the assignment, student’s username, and file name given by the student. It also includes a .txt file labeled with the student’s username, which contains any text that the student provided in the Comments area of the assignment with the student’s user name. This file naming convention also makes it easier to identify which files are associated with each student.

For more on viewing submitted assignments, see our post on Using the Assignment Tool.