Why can’t my students see my Panopto videos?

Panopto occasionally experiences an issue where not all students are automatically added as viewers in My Pitt Video. This can cause some students to be prompted to sign in or request permission to view a video that you have already made available to your course.

There are two possible solutions:

1. Instruct each student to the Panopto tool link in the course, so that the system “recognizes” their username and adds them to the list. This will require an additional step on the part of the students experiencing an error, but it is the more secure option. If your videos are of a sensitive nature, this is the best solution.

NOTE: The Panopto tool link must be made visible to students by selecting “Show Link” from the context menu. If you do not see a Panopto tool link in your Course menu illustrated above, follow the steps for Provisioning Your Blackboard Course in Panopto in order to add it.

2. If the above option is too cumbersome or does not fit your instructional practices, you can also make the Panopto folder visible to all valid Pitt users. This will eliminate the need to authenticate each user against your student roster, but it will not restrict any other Pitt user who happens to click on the video links. If your videos are not of a sensitive nature, then this is the easiest solution.

NOTE: If you cannot locate this option, you can find the steps under Panopto Folder Settings.

This issue will not be present once Pitt transitions to Canvas in Summer 2020.

What is the Faculty Knowledge Base?

The Faculty Knowledge Base is a repository of help documentation and tutorials on how to use the educational technology at the University of Pittsburgh, chief of which being the BlackBoard learning management system, as well as the Panopto video streaming service. Items in the Faculty Knowledge Base are organized into broader categories and more distinct tags, as well as a difficulty level, all of which can be accessed on the right-hand navigation pane to filter your view of available topics. You can click through some frequently asked BlackBoard questions by selecting on CourseWeb FAQs at the top of the page, or simply search for any keywords pertaining to your area of interest in the search field above.

How do I build a new course?

Course shells are created automatically based on information in PeopleSoft. They are usually created roughly three months prior to the start of the term for which they are listed, so all that you need to do is log into Blackboard and check your My Courses list. Courses are usually listed alpha-numerically, so later terms generally appear at the bottom of this list. Once you’ve found your course shell, click it to enter your course and begin building content. You may want to refer to the Setting Up a New Course roadmap.

All instructor and student users are added automatically, so you should not need to enroll any of your students unless there is a special case. If you are not seeing a course in your My Courses list, then it is likely that that the instructor was not listed properly in PeopleSoft. To get enrolled as an instructor in a course, contact your department’s PeopleSoft administrator.

How do I make my course available to my students in Blackboard?

In your Course Management Control Panel, open up Customization and select Properties.

Accessing the Properties link under Customization

Once there, go to Set Availability and set it to Yes.

Choose Yes under Set Availability

Click Submit to save.

Alternate Method

  1. Navigate to any Content Area, such as Course Documents or Syllabus.
  2. Locate the Lock Switch icon in the top right corner, between Edit Mode and the Course Theme icons.
  3. Toggle the Lock Switch to ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’ to make the course available or unavailable.

Use the Lock Switch to change availability

How do I hide/remove a course from my list?

At the top right corner of your My Courses area, there is a gear-shaped icon. Mousing over this icon will say “Manage My Courses Module Settings”. Click on the icon.

Gear icon to hide or remove courses

The next area will say Edit Course List. This will contain a list of all courses that you are enrolled in. To hide a course from this list, simple un-check the corresponding box for that course under the Course Name column. Click Submit to save your selection.

For an in-depth illustration of these features, see the knowledge base entry on Hiding Courses.

If you see a course you are not enrolled in, contact the Registrar’s Office to have your enrollment removed from it

How do I copy content from an old course into a new one?

  1. Access the course you want to copy from.
  2. On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and click Course Copy.
  3. In the Destination Course ID box, use the Browse button to find the course you would like to copy the materials into.
  4. Select the course materials that you want to copy over, or click Select All to copy all course content and materials.
  5. In the File Attachments section, select the option to copy links to:
      • Copy Links to Course Files: No copies of linked files are included in the copy. The copied course will have the same set of links and those links will point back to the original location of the link defined in the original course.
      • Copy links and copies of the content: This will make copies of linked files, but ONLY those files that are linked. Files within the course’s home folder that are not linked to any content within the course are not included in the copy. Most users will choose this option.
      • Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder): This will make copies of ALL files in the course’s home folder regardless of whether those files are linked to course content. This is the selection to use if you have Captivate, Articulate, SCORM or other programattic content in your course.You need manage permission on an item to include copies of those files. If you do not have this permission, you may be missing some files after the copy.
  6. Click Submit.

Fore more information, see the Instructor Course Copy article.

How do I import my course in Blackboard?

Importing your course allows you to upload the contents and materials from your old Blackboard course into your new Blackboard course shell. You will need to create an Export Package (see How do I export my course? above) in order to import your course material. Course Imports can be accessed in your Course Management Control Panel by opening up the Packages and Utilities menu.

Packages and Utilities link under the Control Panel

Just follow the instructions on the tutorial Importing Your Course.

How do my students access My Grades?

There are 2 ways for your students to view their grades in Blackboard:

1. Clicking on the My Grades button located in their Global Navigation menu.

Accessing the My Grades link from the Global Navigation Panel

2. Clicking on the Course Menu item called My Grades that is part of the default menu for all new Blackboard course shells. The My Grades area is unavailable to students by default, so they cannot see this menu item until you make it available to students.

Accessing My Grades from Course Menu

How do I view my class roster in Blackboard?

From the Control Panel, click User and Groups and select Users from the drop-down menu.

Access Users under the Control Panel

To view an entire class roster, click on the Show All button located on the bottom-right of the page.

How do I add content/course materials into a content area?

Navigate directly to the area in your course into which you want to add content (e.g. Course Documents). Make sure the Edit Mode button is turned ON.  Content can be added to your course using the buttons on the action bar at the top of the content frame.

Action Bars

How do I add a content area to my Course Menu?

To add a new content area, click on the plus icon located at the top of your Course Menu.

Add content area from Course Menu

  1. Select Content Area or Tool Link from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter a name for the Content Area in the Name field.
  3. Check the Available to Users box to make the Content Area available to students and guests and click Submit.

Why is my student unable to open/upload/submit an assignment?

First, always make sure that any desired content for the student to view is set to Available. For more on how to do this, see our post on Using the Assignment Tool.

Also, using a web browser that is not certified for Blackboard may cause problems for students attempting to open a test/assignment, submit a test/assignment, or use the file upload feature. See Supported Browsers Tutorial for a list of web browsers currently supported by Blackboard.


How do I grade assignments submitted through Blackboard?

When a student completes and submits an assignment, it will automatically show up in the Grade Center.

Grade Center access from Control Panel

A Needs Grading icon will appear in the corresponding assignment column. Each assignment can be graded individually, or all student assignment files can be downloaded at one time, which saves time when viewing the submissions. Files are packaged in a zip file format for downloading to your personal storage device. The zipped package includes each file submitted by the student labeled with the name of the assignment, student’s username, and file name given by the student. It also includes a .txt file labeled with the student’s username, which contains any text that the student provided in the Comments area of the assignment with the student’s user name. This file naming convention also makes it easier to identify which files are associated with each student.

For more on viewing submitted assignments, see our post on Using the Assignment Tool.

What’s this green check-mark in my Grade Center and how do I get rid of it?

You may have noticed a green check-mark appearing in one of your Grade Center columns. The check-mark would look something like this:

This green check-mark is an External Grade marker. The University does not use this feature of Blackboard, but any column set as External Grade cannot be deleted or edited. There must be one column set as External Grade at all times. In order to delete a column set as External Grade, set another column as External Grade instead, then proceed with deletion.

For more information, please see our Grade Center Overview page.

What do I do when my course has reached its quota?

If your course has an abundance of content or includes sizable files, you may be presented with the following message when trying to upload files:

Action not complete: Adding the selected content to the specified folder causes the folder to exceed its quota.

All courses have a default quota of 250 MB, and when you near or reach this quota, you will be notified. Either way, when your course quota has been reached, you will not be able to upload any further content to your course. You may contact the Technology Help Desk to increase this quota for this individual course. You may also wish to remove large or unneeded files by managing them in your Content Collection. Educational Technology Services encourages you not to upload large media files to your BlackBoard course, and instead use Panopto to stream your course media.

Why are dropped students still showing up on my class roster?

Students who drop the course will not automatically be removed from courses in Blackboard. The student enrollments are only added into Blackboard, but never removed from the system.  As the instructor, you are encouraged to remove students who have dropped the course so they will no longer receive communications regarding the course as well as no longer having access to the course contents. You can do this by accessing your Users list in the Users and Groups area in your Course Management Control Panel.


For instructions on how to remove students from your course, please see the article on Managing Course Users.


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