Course Merge Request

Are you teaching the same course to students who register for it under different departments, course numbers or section numbers?  Would you prefer to maintain the online content in a single Blackboard course shell for all of your students?  Do you wish to merge your courses together? 

When we perform a course merge for you, we collapse all of the courses you specify as “child” courses underneath the course you specify as the “parent” course. For your students, this means that they will still see the name of the child course they are registered for when they log in to Blackboard, but when they enter the course, they will automatically be redirected to the “parent” course where all content is located. For instructors, you will see all enrollments for all child courses present now in your parent course. You can then administer your course as usual, placing all content and assignments into the parent course, where now all of your students in both the parents and all child courses will be able to see and access it.

This process has no bearing on what courses students are registered for officially. They are still enrolled in the original course, even if that course is now a child course in Blackboard. The redirection to the parent course takes place behind the scenes, in Blackboard only. Managing multiple courses with the same content in this way is preferable to manually enrolling all students in a single course shell, as it both saves you work and also can skirt around some notable errors that can occur when students are manually enrolled into courses they are not officially registered for.

If you would like us to merge your courses, please fill out the form below:

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