Using Office Mix to create interactive online lessons

OfficeMixIconWindows (7 and 8) users who have Office 2013, specifically PowerPoint 2013, installed can download a new plugin called Office Mix from Microsoft to enhance their classes by creating interactive content right in PowerPoint.

With Office Mix, you can add voice, video, digital ink, and screen recordings to your presentations, and share them online as interactive web videos. Use it for homework, assignments, lessons, photo slideshows, and more. This could be one of the easiest ways to experiment with “flipping” your classroom, or at least parts of it, and increase the engagement with your students.

Take a few minutes to watch this video, created in PowerPoint 2013 with Office Mix, for basic information about this tool. Then, if you want to download and install it on your computer to create your own interactive videos and slideshows, scroll down to see the process for downloading the installer and getting started.

Downloading the Office Mix installer

In order to make videos using Office Mix, you need to log into an Office Mix account, which is tied to Microsoft Office/online accounts to download the installer. Fortunately, you already have one of those as a member of the Pitt community. Follow these steps to install this tool on your computer.

Step 1: Navigate to the Mix website by going to and click the “Get Office Mix” button:

OfficeMixStep1Step 2: Make sure you select the option to sign in with an organization account:

OfficeMixStep2Step 3: At the login screen, enter your Pitt email address (remember not to use your alias if you have one), DO NOT enter your Pitt password here though, then click the “Sign In” button:


Step 4: In the resulting window or pop up, enter your Pitt email but not your password, then click “Sign in”:


Note: Depending on your browser and other connections you have open on your system, you might get prompted to confirm your credentials:


If so, re-enter your password and click OK.

Step 5: You will now be prompted to allow the Mix installer to download. You can choose to download it or run it from this screen:


Step 6: Once you have installed the Office Mix plugin for PowerPoint, you will see an option for it in the ribbon area of PowerPoint:


See videos created with Office Mix that demonstrate the features and capabilities at the Office Mix How To library.

There is also a set of two videos on Office Mix at Log into that site from the My Pitt portal.