Qualtrics Survey System

All Pitt faculty and staff have free unlimited access to Qualtrics, a tool for easily creating sophisticated, anonymous online surveys. These surveys can be used to collect information from your students, get anonymous feedback or evaluation, or for human subjects research (provided any necessary IRB approvals have been granted). Qualtrics provides secure online collection and storage of all survey data, which users can either analyze using the built-in tools that Qualtrics provides, or download for analysis in Excel or SPSS-ready formats.

Your students can also use Qualtrics to create surveys, which must be approved by a faculty or staff member before they are deployed.

Surveys are created with an easy-to-use interface directly in your web browser. You do not need to download any new software. There are multiple question-types available, ranging from standard multiple choice or short answer to complex matrix and sliding scale-typed items. Multimedia files can also be directly embedded into surveys. More advanced features allow for conditional logic to be applied to questions, so that some items are only shown depending on the respondent’s answers to previous questions.

Both the University and Qualtrics provide extensive support for both new and experienced users. The video below is a short tour of these resources: