Overview of Educational Technology Training Workshops

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The Educational Technology Center offers hands-on training workshops for a large variety of technologies. Of course Blackboard is central to educational technology at Pitt, but we also offer training in multimedia technologies, peer reviewing and academic integrity applications, online survey creation and more. With such a large variety of workshops, we want to make it easier for you to get a birds-eye view of what we offer, and to manage your own learning throughout your time at Pitt.

What do you want to learn today?

ETS workshops cover four major areas: Basic Instructional Computing, Blackboard, Student-Centered Technologies, and Multimedia. Completing all of the workshops in each area will give you a deep knowledge of the topic.

While we have suggested a sequence for attending these workshops (and recommend that the first workshop in each area be taken first, to be able to get the most out of the following workshops), workshops need not be taken in order. All workshops are offered at least once a semester—often more—so there are several opportunities for attendance a year. If you want to keep track of your attendance, print out this training checklist.

Certificates of Completion are available to workshop attendees for each individual workshop, and for the completion of all workshops in a single area. All of our workshops are always open to any faculty, staff or graduate student, whether or not you have the intention of ever completing the full slate.

Basic Instructional Computing workshops will get you started off on the right foot with the instructional technologies most commonly used at Pitt. These workshops cover the Windows 10 operating system, introductions to the Blackboard Learning Management System and Panopto video creation, hosting and streaming service, and keeping your Blackboard courses neat, tidy and easy to use. These trainings offer a good option for users who are uncomfortable with computers or who have not used computers for educational applications before.

Blackboard Power User workshops will take you from zero to sixty as an instructor using Blackboard for course delivery. Whether you teach face-to-face or online, Blackboard can be much more than just a place to put your syllabus. These workshops start with an Introduction to Blackboard, then take a deeper drive into all of the major functions of the software, including using it to manage grades, give assessments, and provide opportunities for students to collaborate and discuss online, all within a digital space that is user-friendly and accessible for students with disabilities.

Student-Centered Technologies workshops take a close look several ways that technology can help you create a more student-centered course, even if you primarily teach face-to-face. These workshops will cover the communication and collaboration tools available in Blackboard, the uses of audience response systems (“clickers”) in the classroom, applications for facilitating peer-to-peer reviewing online, tools for personalizing your students’ online learning resources and making sure that your digital space is accessible and welcoming to students with disabilities.

Multimedia Guru workshops will get you up and running with creating and using video in your teaching. Whether you want to completely flip your classroom or are just interested in creating some supplementary materials, these trainings will introduce you to Panopto for video creation, hosting and streaming into your Blackboard course, Windows Movie Maker for editing and producing videos, and to the cutting-edge field of immersive videos using the special 360-degree cameras available for loan from the Teaching Center. The creation of closed captions for your videos is covered in the Accessibility for Digital Course Materials workshop.