Panopto Advanced Editor



While editing videos in Panopto, some features may only be accessible through the Advanced Editor. The Advanced Editor is only accessible through Safari and Internet Explorer. Panopto has plans to phase out this Advanced Editor, whereupon the features listed here should be accessible using hte Basic Editor.


Until such time, however, you can access the Advanced Editor by going into Edit (above) and opening the More… option (below).

By default, the entire recording is an already selected segment. **A segment is the selected portion of video that you want to keep**


To remove the beginning and end of a recording, grab the handle on either end of the time line and drag it inward to the point at which you want the recording to begin or end.


As you can see here, the beginning and ending are amended, and eliminated portions are grayed out.


To delete middle portions of your presentation, click once on the scissors icon and then once on the section of the presentation you’d like to remove.


The first click sets the starts point. Moving the mouse to the right will preview what is going to be cut. Click again to set the end point. **TIP – Try holding the ctrl key + left mouse click to save some time**


When completed, the segment can be adjusted by dragging the handles in either direction (if needed).


The final result is two segments (numbers one and two below) that will be included after encode.


Click “Save”.


Then “Save and continue” or “Save and quit”. Save and continue commits your changes and allows to keep working. Save and quit commits your changes and closes the editor.


How to navigate/seek in the recording

1. Clicking anywhere in the timeline will seek the video to that point
2. Click on any of the events will seek the video to where that event starts


How to Insert a new thumbnail

**Thumbnails can only be inserted into screencapture & secondary video streams**
1. Click Add new event
2. Click where you want the thumbnail to be inserted


3. Type in the new caption name, enter any searchable metadata and click OK (the thumbnail image will be created after the session re-processes)


How to edit a thumbnail/event

Hover the mouse over the thumbnail you wish to modify and then click on “Click to edit”


You can modify the caption, change searchable metadata, delete the entire event and change the time the event is shown in the recording


Additional information about thumbnail generation

1. For slides (PowerPoint or Keynote): They are generated every time a slide advances

2. For secondary video (screencap, secondary camera): They are automatically generated every three minutes. You can add in events to supplement the three minute gap in secondary video.

How to modify the start time of a stream

1. Click the Streams tab
2. Click Edit on the stream you wish to modify


Change the start time as desired and click OK


Creating versions in the Panopto Editor (new in 4.0)

The manage version feature lets you present the same session with different edits that can be distributed to viewers.

For example, if you had a seminar that was split into two halves (for instance, part 1 and part 2) you can use this feature to create a link with only the first part, and a separate link (version) to the second part.

These will appear as individual links in the Panopto Webui.

Important note: To use this feature, you must create a new version first, then edit and save this version. 

Click the drop down where it says default


Select Manage Versions


Click New to create a new Edit (useful for creating smaller sections of a long recording)


Type in a name and click OK


Select “New” and click OK


Click OK on the prompt to change versions (you may receive and additional prompt from your browser)


Any changes that are made will be saved to the new version and not the default


Insert / Edit Captions (new in 4.0)

Now you manually type in a caption stream for your recordings right from the editor. To do this, click on the captions tab – start typing in the text box – press ENTER when you want to add your captions. After saving and committing the captions, these will now be visible in the captions tab in the viewer

*Note: this can also be used to edit captions from a 3rd party vendor


Everything Else

1. Stop button. Clicking the stop button returns the video back to 00:00
2. Preview Edits. If checked, only the segments of video that are being kept will play
3. +/- controls. This allows you to zoom in/out of the recording
4. Clicking revert will undo all editing that has been done


Video Switching

In Panopto, you can control which video streams the viewer sees by editing individual secondary streams in the Panopto Editor. Editing the primary video source will edit on all streams; editing a secondary source will only affect that stream. This documentation pertains to editing secondary streams.

Please note, this documentation assumes familiarity with basic editing.

Edit Individual Streams in the Panopto Editor

Locate the session you would like to edit, and click the “edit” button to launch the Panopto Editor.


This will launch the Panopto Editor.


Click on the editing tool (scissors) and click on the video stream you wish you edit. This will be the start of the section that will be removed, which will show the viewer a different secondary stream. Click again on the same stream to finish the edit.



Note: This feature only applies to screen capture and secondary video sources (does not apply to the PowerPoint stream)

Drag the edit to the desired length.


A stream can also have multiple edits applied.


You can use this add multiple edits to your session.


After you complete your edits, click “Save” or “Save As” at the top right to save your changes.

edit 6_0

Choosing “Save” will save the edit and you can continue working.  A successfully saved edit will display the message below.

edit 10_0

Choosing “Save As” will allow you to name your edit with a specific title.

edit 11_0

After the session re-encodes the new edits will be viewable.

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Splicing and Remixing

Have you ever wished you could re-record part of a lecture?  Introduce your video with a polished lead-in track?  Show part of another video in your own presentation?  Easily stitch several presentations together?  Now you can, with Panopto’s new remixing capability.  With the easy-to-use Panopto editor, you can make your presentations richer and more engaging than ever before.

Find the session that you want to add content into and click edit


Click on the + sign (next to the scissors icon)


From the add another session tab, expand the Folder and click on the session that will be spliced in


To add the new clip to the beginning of your video:

Under New Session Position – select Start – then click OK


The session will be added to the start of the editor timeline (note: you will have to re-adjust the handles if you move the newly spliced in segment).


Click save then save and quit

To add a new clip to the end of your video:

Under New Session Position – select End- then click OK


The session will be added to the end of the editor timeline (note: you will have to re-adjust the handles if you move the newly spliced in segment).


Click save then save and quit

To add a new clip to the middle of your video:

Under New Session Position – select Click to position- then click OK


The editor timeline will be highlighted in green. Click to insert the video that was selected above


To move the selected segment, click on the double arrow and move it left or right (note: you will have to re-adjust the handles if you move the newly spliced in segment)


Click save then save and quit

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Webpage Embedding

While creating a presentation in Panopto, you can now add a URL to your presentation that will open in a new tab during session playback.

This feature will only work if the viewer has an active internet connection while viewing a presentation. It will not load if viewed or downloaded offline.

Getting Started

Locate the session you would like to embed a URL to, and click the “EDIT” button.


This opens the Panopto Editor.


Method 1

Choose the event where you would like the webpage to load.

There are two ways to add a URL to our presentation. First, we will cover editing an event that already exists in a stream such as Powerpoint slides and their transitions.

Click on an event on the timeline, or click the “EDIT” button on a related event.


On the left side, if you hover your mouse over a slide event, click the edit button. We can also do this on “Streams” tab…


Or we can do this on the “Slides” tab…


Conversely, on the right side of the screen, hover your mouse over the bottom highlighted timeline and click on “Click to Edit” where you would like to insert a URL.


Using either method will open the following screen:


Click on the tab entitled “URL” and type out the web address of the site you wish to embed to your presentation.

***It is very important that you add “http://” before the URL like the example above. If not, the link may not work while it is being viewed.***

Click “OK” when you are finished.

Method 2

Instead of editing an existing event, we can add a new event to connect to our URL.


On the bottom left, you can click on “Add a new event.”

On the right hand side, in the upper timeline, you could also right click on the area you would like to add your URL. This will open the following menu:


Click on create event.

Both methods will open the following window:


If you clicked the lower left “Add new event” button, you will need to modify the “Time” section to signal the URL to load.

***It is very important that you add “http://” before the URL like the example above. If not, the link may not work while it is being viewed.***

Click OK when you are done.

Save your changes

When you have made your edits and are ready to save, click the Save or Save As button in the top right corner.

embedding 2

Clicking Save will display the screen below.

edit 10_0

Clicking Save As will prompt the save as window below.

edit 11_0

After you are finished saving, exit out of the editor.

Viewing your changes

If you open your session in the Panopto interface, you will see a new tab entitled “URL.” It will be selectable when the URL event you created begins.

embedding 3

Congratulations! You now know how to embed URLs into your session!