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Provisioning Your Blackboard Course in Panopto

Provisioning your Blackboard course in Panopto is what creates the linkage between these two applications so that you can easily add Panopto videos to your course. Once your course is provisioned, the viewing permissions for videos added to your Blackboard course will automatically reflect the enrollment of your course, so that no one outside of your course can view the videos, but all enrolled users in your course can.

NOTE: If you are copying course material in Blackboard, and you use the “Select All” button when doing so, you will copy the provisioned Panopto folder from that term. If you wish to create a freshly provisioned Panopto folder in your new Blackboard course with no video content from the previous term, please contact LMS Support & Consulting [1].

Tool LinkLog into Blackboard and click on the name of the course in which you wish to use Panopto.

1. In the upper left-hand corner, you’ll find a square box with a plus sign, that gives you a drop-down menu.

2. Go to this menu and select Tool Link.



Panopto Course Tool Application3. When you click this link, a window will pop up, prompting you to name your tool link. From the Type list, select Panopto Course Tool Application.

4. You can name the tool link whatever you wish, but typing in Panopto may help you find this tool link afterward.







5. Open your new Panopto Tool Link. If this is the first time you’ve set up Panopto for this course, you will be presented with a blank pages that asks you to configure your settings in order to provision your course within Panopto.


6. Clicking the Configure button should bring you to the following window.

Add Course to Panopto

7. Click Add Course to Panopto to continue.

This action automatically creates a folder in the Panopto web space for your course, as well as listing you and any instructors as creators, and your students as viewers. Depending on the number of teachers and students in your course, the items listed under Instructors and Students may take up a significant amount of space on this screen. Regardless of the users in your course, you should see a message at the bottom that says Successfully provisioned course. If you do not see this message, contact CIDDE for assistance.

8. Click OK or Return to Course to proceed.

Provisioning Results

The next page will allow you to configure your course. This means that, in addition to the Panopto folder named for your course, any previously existing Panopto folders that you have access to can be added as well. If this is your first time provisioning a course in Panopto, you will not likely see any additional Panopto Folders. However, if you have video content in any other courses in Panopto, and want to share that content with this class, you can do so here by selecting the individual folders on the right, and moving them over to the left.

9. Whichever you decide, or if you are simply not sure, click Submit to proceed.

Add or Remove Panopto Folders

If you choose not to add any additional folders to your course, the next screen should give you a My Pitt Video folder view, like the one below.

My Pitt Video View

At this point, you can begin uploading video now.

10. Click the Create button to either directly upload a video file, or launch the Panopto Focus Recorder [2]to produce a Panopto Video Session.

11. New Video Sessions will appear in the main window.

12. Manage Folder Settings by clicking the gear shaped icon in the top right.

13. Launch directly into your My Pitt Video page by clicking the arrow button in the top right.

14. You can also Re-Configure the course to include any other Panopto folders you have in this course.

NOTE: If you want to make this your main student video area (not advisable if you plan on uploading content to this folder that you do not wish for all students to view), you can make your Panopto Course Tool Application link available to students. This will give students access to the previous window. If you do not want to give students access to this page (advisable), see our Knowledge Base page on Adding Videos to Blackboard Courses [3].

Show Link

If you chose to add additional Panopto folders to your course, you will instead see your folder broken down like so:

Multiple Panopto Folders

15. You should see a list of your recordings by folder. If you do have videos present, you can click on them to view them. If you have none, it will say No recordings.

16. You should also see a link to your Panopto Folder Settings for each folder. You can learn more about these Panopto Folder Settings by viewing our Panopto Folder Settings [4]Knowledge Base article.

NOTE: At any time, you may Re-Configure your page to add or remove folders from this list. Clicking the Re-Configure button will redirect you to the Configure Panopto Course window above to allow you to add or remove folders from this course.