Panopto Folder Settings

A Closer Look at Panopto: Using Panopto Folders, Settings and Share Permissions

Video Contents

00:37-00:58 – The Panopto home screen
00:59-01:12 – Browsing for Panopto folders
01:13-01:22 – Your Personal Folder
01:23-01:36 – Folders for Courses
01:37-01:53 – Emails from Panopto
01:54-02:29 – Moving Videos Between Folders
02:30-03:50 – Sharing videos
03:51-05:04 – Folder-level share settings
05:05-07:55 – Collecting video submissions from students



Accessing Folder Settings

Accessing Folder Settings

NOTE: In order to access your Panopto folders for your course, you need to follow the steps in the Getting Started With Panopto article. Once you have completed those steps, you will be able to see the link to the Panopto resources and folder settings mentioned in this article.

There are two ways to get into your Panopto Folder. One way is to go through your Blackboard course. Once you have provisioned the course for Panopto, click the link on your course menu to access the Panopto tools (number 1 below), then click the Panopto Folder Settings link (number 2 below).

NOTE: If you have multiple Panopto folders in your course, you may have to click a “Panopto Folder Settings” link instead to launch into the next page. This will automatically bring up

Multiple Panopto Folders

The other method is to log in through My Pitt Video directly and locate your folder in the left hand navigation area (scrolled down here).

Note that you should be able to see all other courses that have been provisioned in Panopto on CourseWeb that you have access to as an instructor, student, etc. Clicking on the name of the course will display the sessions (if any) for your course. The image below shows a folder that has no sessions yet for this course.

No Sessions

You can still review and make changes to the folder by clicking on the Folder Folder Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

This will give you access to all of the settings for your folder from a menu to the left of the screen.


Starting at Overview link to the left of the folder page (number 1 below), we’ll explore the options for the folder.

To change general information for the folder, you can click Edit (number 2 above) and rename the folder to anything you like. You can also move this folder to another course by selecting the Edit link in the Parent Folder area (number 3 above), but that is not recommended. Creating or editing a folder description can be achieved by clicking the Edit link for that area of the page (number 4 above). And finally, you can create an assignment folder for your course where students would be able to record and upload sessions by clicking the Create Assignment Folder link (number 5 above).


Clicking the Share link to the left in the folder window (number 1 below), will give you access to manage who has access to the folder.

Share Tab

On this screen, you can see the link that you can share with students and others in the class to pass along in an email or otherwise, or an embed code for embedding into Blackboard or other websites (number 2 above) if you simply want them to view the content of the folder without logging into Panopto. The groups who currently have access to the folder is shown on this page as well (number 3 above). By default, students in your CourseWeb class are automatically added as viewers and other instructors in your CourseWeb class are automatically added as creators. However, you can individually invite users to view this folder by typing their Pitt username into the “Invite People:” area (number 4) above. You can assign these users as Viewers or Creators, depending on your selection from the drop-down menu (number 5 above).

Clicking on the Specific People menu give you a drop-down list of people to share your folder with.

Specific People Menu

You can open the content to anyone with an account on CourseWeb with the link (including those outside of your course but not the entire internet) by clicking on number 1 above, or make it available to all of Pitt by clicking on number 2. You can choose to allow anyone on the internet to access it with a link by clicking number 3 above, or make it publicly searchable on the internet by clicking number 4.


Clicking on Settings will opening up the next tab.

Settings Tab

This will allow you to tweak some additional settings, several regarding iTunes and podcast feeds, but the most important setting here is to override the availability of your Panopto folder, irrespective of the availability of the associated Blackboard course. You can manually control what date and time the sessions in this folder become viewable to your students, and when they stop being viewable.


If you have a lot of content or want to rearrange the order of the content in your folder, you can select the Order link in the menu to the left (number 1 below).

Order Tab

From this window, click the checkbox to list the sessions in the folder (number 2 above), then click and drag the sessions into your preferred order (number 3 above). The changes are saved automatically.


The next tab is a redundant Embed tab that allows you to quickly grab an embed code for the folder.

Embed Tab


The final link on the Folder Settings menu, Manage (number 1 below), allows you to access information and copy or delete the folder.

Manage Tab

On this screen, you can see the Folder ID (number 2 above), but you would rarely, if ever, need to know this. If you decide you no longer need the folder or its contents, you can select the Delete link (number 3 above) to permanently delete the folder’s data.