Panopto Viewer: Setting Safari Security Settings

Setting Safari Security Settings for Panopto to use Silverlight

Problem: Silverlight file upload will error on new versions of Safari on Mac (based on Safari’s security settings for the Silverlight plug-in). By default, plug-ins run in Safe Mode which means they can’t access files on the client machine. This causes the Silverlight component to error when attempting to view a session.

Solution: You must change the Silverlight plugin to run in Unsafe Mode.

How to change Silverlight to run in Unsafe Mode

Open Safari. In the top left of Desktop, next to Apple icon, click “Safari”

Under Safari select Preferences

Select Security

Click on the “Manage Website Settings” button

Click on Silverlight in the list of available plug-ins on the left

Click “Run in Unsafe Mode” to give Silverlight unrestricted access to computer resources when running on your Panopto Website.

A message box will appear asking if you want to trust all websites to run “Silverlight” in unsafe mode. Click “Trust.”

Click Done.

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